WordPress Development & Customizations

 “WordPress Customization to Meet Business Needs”

Majority of website owners feel that WordPress default themes are unable to match their business image. For business owners who need customization of their WordPress themes, Dynamic Web Ideas is the perfect solution. Apart from customization service we also offer professional consultation to help your business with increased profit.

For growing the online business and making it more productive, optimization of WordPress dynamic features are offered by our company. This helps us to provide creative traits and innovative graphical along with programming functionalities and add-ons so that you remain satisfied with the look and feel of your website.

The Services Guaranteed by Dynamic Web Ideas

  • WordPress Custom Template Installation and Incorporation – We help to install the most consistent WordPress version along with full feature compatibility, custom WordPress template, consistent settings, complete spam protection, social networking widgets and attractive designs.
  • Customization of WordPress Themes – We customize based on the services offered by our clients. The customization is done according to the appealing template elements and logo with appropriate header graphics to go along with the colors and fonts.
  • Development or Plug-Ins customization – The buttons and the plug-ins are set up in such a manner which makes navigation easy.
  • Absolute Control with Widgets – Our expert developers make sure that the custom themes of WordPress are “widgetized” so that the elements occurring in the sidebar along with the order can be controlled by you. With the availability of the widgets you get total control of the content without the need to change the code.
  • Upgraded Commenting – With the help of this feature visitors apart from commenting on the contents, can discuss with each other. This ensures return traffic and excellent for the overall growth of the business.